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admissions and tuition

grants and scholarships

Health sciences students studying for an exam

mayo clinic alix school of medicine tuition scholarships

through the generous gifts of mayo clinic alix school of medicine benefactors, medical school tuition scholarships are available. the admissions committee makes these awards as part of the application review and on-campus interview process. these awards are very competitive.

scholarship eligibility is reviewed for all appointed students who apply for financial aid. parental data is used in the evaluation of each scholarship award and recipient. these awards are renewable subject to continued meritorious performance and annual financial aid application resubmission. these awards will be rescinded if the student receives external funding equal to 100 percent of his or her tuition.

mayo clinic graduate school of biomedical sciences tuition waiver

all predoctoral (ph.d.) students enrolled full time in an eligible program at mayo clinic graduate school of biomedical sciences are provided with a tuition waiver. this tuition waiver is equal to the amount of tuition charged for the specific term. the tuition waiver is provided as part of the appointment to mayo clinic graduate school of biomedical sciences.

mayo clinic school of health sciences need-based scholarship and federal pell grant

the need-based scholarship award program is designed to assist students in funding the cost of their education. the selection criterion for this award is based on a formula that evaluates student-documented financial need. parental data is used in the evaluation of each scholarship award and recipient. these award amounts vary annually and are made possible by generous benefactor contributions to mayo clinic school of health sciences.

the federal pell grant is based on financial need as determined by the information submitted on your free application for federal student aid (fafsa). this grant program is available for undergraduate students only. detailed information can be found on the federal pell grants website.

native american scholarships

native american and alaskan native scholarships are available for students participating in programs within mayo clinic college of medicine and science. visit the native american programs website for more information.

external funding and scholarship opportunities

  • fastweb
  • collegequest
  • the college board
  • aamc grants and awards. the association of american medical colleges (aamc) makes grant awards available to individuals and programs making significant contributions in the field of medical education, research and community service. specific information about each grant and the application requirements are available on the aamc website.
  • the beinecke scholarship. scholarships of up to $4,000 before entering graduate school and $30,000 while attending graduate school are awarded to highly motivated men and women pursuing graduate degrees at any university.
  • carnegie endowment junior fellows program. fellowships of up to $33,000 a year are awarded to seniors and recent graduates from more than 300 colleges for individuals to work as research assistants.
  • fogarty international center funding opportunities. the center's global health research and research training programs offer a variety of funding opportunities.
  • fulbright scholarship. grants are made to u.s. citizens and nationals of other countries for a variety of educational activities, primarily university lecturing, advanced research, graduate study, and teaching in elementary and secondary schools.
  • gates scholarships. the gates foundation awards scholarships to promising students who do not have the financial means to attend college. read the descriptions on the website to see if you meet eligibility guidelines for one of the four scholarship programs.
  • goldwater scholarships. scholarships are awarded to highly qualified college students who intend to pursue careers as scientists, mathematicians and engineers.
  • hispanic scholarship fund. scholarships are awarded to u.s. citizens or legal permanent residents of hispanic heritage who plan to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees.
  • jackie robinson foundation. scholarships of up to $6,000 a year are awarded based on academic merit, leadership, community service and general commitment.
  • rhodes scholarships. fellowships are awarded for a two-year period to outstanding students from around the world in an effort to bring them to the university of oxford to study.
  • soros fellowships for new americans. scholarships are awarded to undergraduate and graduate students from any field of study.
  • ron brown scholar program. a national program benefiting academically talented, highly motivated african-american high school seniors who have demonstrated financial need, social commitment and leadership potential. the program awards its scholars $40,000 toward their college costs — $10,000 a year for four years.
  • uncf. scholarships of varying amounts are awarded to help students pay tuition, room and board, and fees.

indian ethnicity scholarships

hispanic ethnicity scholarships

military scholarships

physical therapy scholarships

  • ambucs scholarship — applications accepted from mid-february through april 15 annually

imaging and therapy students

sonography students